Analytics Data To Quantify And Amplify What's Working.

Data and metrics will enable sales and marketing teams to make more informed decisions and allocate resources.

Optimize sales efforts by seeing how prospects engage with emails and documents.

Improve content strategies by knowing what is most important and effective.

Engage new contacts through insights into sharing and content engagement.

Visualize Content Engagement.

See how HCPs act and interact with your content to help improve sales decisions.

Real-Time Engagement Insights

See how prospects interacting with the content you provide­–down to a single line or word.


Set email or SMS alerts so you know exactly when prospects are viewing your content giving you the ability to engage at exactly the right moment.


Powerful analytics to track how your content is performing over time so you can harness your best materials for the right prospects.

Understand Important Trends.

See usage across documents or accounts to inform content strategies.

Marketing & Sales Collaboration

With in-depth engagement and performance data, marketing and sales can easily collaborate to create and provide the best content.

Better Targeting

With engagement and analytics data, you can create content for specific audiences and monitor performance to pivot materials quickly and effectively.

Easily Share Reporting

MobileLocker makes it easy to share performance data across your entire organization no matter how big or small.

Know Your Team.

Compare usage and trends across your entire sales team.

Track Content Sharing

See what and how your team members are sharing content with their prospects.

Access to Engagement Data

Powerful insights into how your team's prospects are engaging with content they are sent.

Use Trends to Optimize Efforts

Using MobileLocker's powerful data means you can make informed decisions about your team and it's strategy.

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