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How Sales Enablement Helps Manufacturers Move into the Future

More than any other industry, manufacturers find it challenging to sell in a world gone digital. The industry has typically relied on personal relationships to close deals. Until recently, most sales happened during in-person meetings, often over lunch or dinner. With more Gen Xers and Millennials moving into decision-making positions, things are changing. Many younger

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Why it’s Better to be a Salesperson than a CEO

Most owners of small- to mid-sized businesses think of themselves as the CEOs or presidents of their companies. The truth is, a better title is salesperson. Unless business owners — and everyone working at companies — make sales their TOP priority, it’s almost impossible to succeed. The good news: Even if you don’t have previous

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How to Call Checkmate in the Sales Game

A recent research report by SiriusDecisions presents the top sales enablement priorities for high and low performing organizations. Let’s look at the similarities and differences between them. Their sales enablement plans reveal attitudes that separate winners from losers. 1. Deploy and train on new sales technology. High performing organizations: 57 percentLow performing organizations: 55 percent

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Announcing Mobile Locker for Gmail

Last week, we announced Mobile Locker for Microsoft Outlook and it was a big hit. Dozens of customers have already started using it to send content from Outlook and measure engagement. Microsoft Outlook is great, but we use Gmail here, so we needed a way to send content from Gmail too. In less than two

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Announcing: Mobile Locker for Outlook

With Mobile Locker for Outlook, you can easily click the Mobile Locker button in Outlook to send your content and measure how your customers interact with each file. You’ll get an alert as soon as they open each file so you can follow-up with them.

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