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Play the Sales Game Like a Super Bowl Superstar

The Super Bowl is an aggressive, full contact, cut-throat competition. So is selling. Here are five things you can learn from top NFL teams that will help you — and everyone in your sales organization — sell like a superstar. 1. Have a plan. What are the chances of making it to the end zone

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Horrors! The Top 5 Nightmares that Keep Sales Reps Up at Night

It’s the bad dream that keeps salespeople from falling asleep.  You finally get a meeting with the perfect prospect.  You show up… Late. You can’t find your presentation. You have no wifi connection. You start babbling and asking dumb questions.  You leave in shame, without a signed contract. Every rep has made sales blunders. They’re

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7 Proven Ways to Motivate Your Salespeople

Is it hard for you to keep your sales reps motivated?  Maybe they’re not scheduling enough meetings. Or they don’t follow-up with current prospects.  Perhaps they miss sales goals. Here are seven ways to get people on your sales team to do what you want them to do. 1. Figure out the scope of the

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4 Don’ts and 1 Do: How to Develop Buyer Personas That Drive Sales

Most marketers and sales reps know they need a clear understanding of their prospective customers. It’s critical for creating messages and marketing campaigns that resonate with them and figuring out which sales tactics will close deals.  That’s why marketers go through the difficult and time-consuming process of developing consumer personas or profiles. The issue: Most

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Bob Lempke Joins Mobile Locker as Chief Revenue Officer

At Mobile Locker, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be ushering in the new year with an exciting and vital addition to our growing team. Bob Lempke is joining the company as our new Chief Revenue Officer. Bob will be focused on working with our current and future clients to leverage Mobile Locker’s cutting-edge sales

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5 TOP Sales Enablement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Sales enablement has been a “thing” for decades. Lately, it’s become a really BIG one.  The issue: Sales enablement is such a prominent part of how many organizations do business, mistakes can have a significant impact on their bottom lines.  Here are the top five sales enablement mistakes along with tips on how you can

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13 Questions You Must Ask to Find the Right Sales Enablement Solution

It can be challenging to find a sales enablement tech system that’s ideal for your business. Many are scaled wrong or too inflexible to meet the needs of small- to mid-sized companies. Here are the 13 questions you should ask sales enablement tech vendors. They’ll help you feel confident you’re investing in a system that

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Top 5 Sales Tech Trends for 2020 and Beyond

Welcome to a new decade! During the 2010s, advances in technology have completely changed how people sell. The 2020s promise even greater innovation ahead. More importantly, we believe it will be a time when businesses find it easier than ever to leverage the latest solutions to improve their sales processes. This will be especially true


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