Announcing: Mobile Locker for Outlook

Sales enablement typically focuses on BIG selling issues, like how to provide and optimize the training and materials salespeople use to close deals. It tends to be a macro discipline rather than a micro one.

However, sometimes the tiniest issues present the biggest barriers to closing sales and optimizing the overall sales process.

A business recently came to us with an issue that was causing salespeople to bypass their sales enablement system, reducing its effectiveness.

Like many organizations, they use Outlook for email. Sending emails is the most common way for the company to connect with prospects and clients. Their salespeople found it difficult to find, drag and drop and attach the correct versions of documents from the sales enablement system to their emails. This issue became worse when multiple items had to be sent.

What seemed like a small inconvenience was actually a big issue when it came to optimizing the company’s sales process. Salespeople not only risked sending outdated collateral, but they were unable to track customer engagement with the content they shared.

When Mobile Locker learned about this, we quickly set to work developing Mobile Locker for Outlook. Within a few weeks, we were able to come up with a solution for the client and every other organization dealing with this problem. It’s a big step toward optimizing the sales enablement process for businesses that use Outlook. It also helps salespeople get their work done more efficiently.

With Mobile Locker for Outlook, you can easily click the Mobile Locker icon in Outlook to send your sales content in emails and measure how your prospects and customers interact with each file. You get an alert as soon as they open an attachment so you can follow-up with a phone call.

This new feature:

  • Allows you to send emails more quickly and efficiently.
  • Makes it easy to find the files you want to send, even when you have multiple attachments.
  • Lets you know when files are opened and engaged with.
  • Prevents emails from bouncing because attachments are too large.

According to several recent studies, email is the most popular way for businesses to communicate with buyers and clients, and the use of it is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. Couple this with the high usage of Outlook by businesses, and you can see why Mobile Locker for Outlook could improve the sales enablement function of countless organizations and increase sales.

If your business uses Outlook to send sales-related emails, you owe it to yourself to learn about Mobile Locker for Outlook.

PS. We have apps for every major platform and a plugin for Gmail, too.

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