How To: Get Your Real Estate Business Organized Once And For All

Have you ever REALLY thought about how challenging it is to run a real estate operation?

Take a little time to do the math:

  • Start with a network of real estate brokers and agents
  • Couple that with countless properties including homes, condos, townhouses, lofts, apartments and businesses located in different cities, towns, school districts, and tax jurisdictions
  • Consider all your different clients and prospects and their individual preferences and needs
  • Add to the mix how and when they want to be communicated with
  • Take into account all the possible financing options and providers
  • Finish with the different types of sales, rental and closing documents.

When you think about all the possible combinations, it becomes clear that most real estate firms could use help bringing order out of the chaos of running their businesses — from individual offices to large organizations.

Sales enablement programs and systems give brokers, agents and support staff easy access to everything they need to be more efficient when marketing properties and closing deals, as well as maintaining regular contact with clients and tenants.

Specifically, sales enablement provides many advantages to people working in real estate firms, including:

Generating additional qualified leads while more effectively moving buyers through the sales and rental process.

Sales enablement helps agents and brokers reach out to prospects at optimal times, sharing personalized property flyers, brochures, and videos, along with other types of helpful content, through automated emails, text messages, social posts and more. It makes it easy to connect buyers with properties they find attractive while looking for triggers or actions that indicate interest.

Improving broker/agent knowledge and effectiveness.

Sales enablement systems provide onboarding and ongoing training that gives agents and brokers the knowledge required to sell all types of properties in different locations. It helps prevent errors that could cause deals to fall apart at the last minute or lead to lawsuits because of bad advice or improper business practices.

Did you know: Sales enablement systems can supply agents and brokers with role-play scenarios that can help them prepare for dealing with difficult clients?

Staying engaged with prospects and clients.

You never know when someone will be ready to move or need to find a new location for a business. Sales enablement makes it easy to stay in touch with prospects and clients so agents and brokers are top-of-mind when trigger events, such as a marriage, divorce, baby, retirement or starting a new business, happen. In fact, the best real estate marketing inspires people to make changes.

Developing partnerships.

No real estate agent, broker or firm does it alone. The BEST sales enablement programs and technology encourage building partnerships. It also helps brokers and agents leverage them to market properties and close deals.

Did you know: Sales enablement systems make it easier to develop, manage and distribute co-branded marketing materials?

Measuring success.

Be honest: Do you really know what’s working at your real estate firm? And maybe more importantly, what’s not?

Don’t worry, most real estate professionals don’t. Sales enablement changes all that. It gives you, and everyone in your organization, easy access to data that will help determine:

  • Which brokers and agents are meeting quota and which are not
  • How many — and the value of — deals that are closing
  • Opportunities that are profitable and ones that aren’t worth pursuing
  • Effective marketing techniques for different types of buyers and renters
  • Partnerships and other business opportunities that are beneficial to your firm.

Did you know: Sales enablement systems make it easy to share success stories with agents and brokers so they can learn from real-life examples of best practices?

Simplifying closings.

Getting someone to agree to buy or rent a property only gets you halfway to a deal. There is a LOT of paperwork that must be completed prior to closing. Sales enablement systems make it easy to locate the paperwork required to make an offer, agree to it, secure financing and close the deal.

What’s next?

Mobile Locker has developed a sales enablement system that’s perfect for real estate offices. You owe it to yourself to contact us to find out how it could be customized to make it easier for you to get your work done and close more deals.

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