How Smaller Businesses can Leverage the Latest Big Company Marketing Trends.

Marketing is changing at a faster pace than ever before.

Check out some of the leading-edge marketing trends currently being leveraged by top-tier corporations. Then find out how small- to mid-sized businesses can make them their own and use them in easy and effective ways.

1. Voice search

Alexa and Siri have transformed all of us into people who ask machines questions, even when we’re at work searching for business-related information. That’s why so many big companies have put so much effort into winning the Google voice search game. They all want to come out on top when people ask their virtual assistants’ questions about issues their products and services could solve.

Make it your own: Figure out what makes your business unique in its market space. Then think about what questions people would ask if they were searching for information related to the products and services you offer. Then come up with answers to those queries that include references to what makes your organization unique. Finally, incorporate the answers into your website in prominent places.

Over time, Google will find the answers and start driving quality traffic to your website.

2. Live video

Big companies have been using live streaming video to open-up their businesses and events to broader audiences. They broadcast everything from conferences to question-and-answer sessions to creative presentations. It helps large conglomerates seem more open, accessible and human to the general public.

Make it your own: Using streaming video can be a great way for small- to mid-sized businesses to appear larger, more authoritative and experienced. Allow buyers to interact with the experts at your organization. This is a smart tactic for the kinds of businesses that “sell” the expertise of their people, such as realtors, marketing and advertising agencies and consulting firms.

3. Artificial intelligence

Big companies use artificial intelligence to deliver personalized experiences to prospects and clients. It helps large businesses seem like they actually understand the needs of their individual consumers. Think Amazon and the products it recommends on its site and in its digital ads. In most cases, they feature something you’ve been thinking about, want or need.

Make it your own: While a few smaller firms can afford to invest in cutting-edge artificial intelligence, most can easily license a high-quality sales enablement system like the one offered by Mobile Locker. It provides the data required to better understand your customer base. This will help your salespeople deliver more targeted and meaningful sales experiences.

4. Content marketing

Content marketing has been around for almost a decade. However, big companies keep finding new ways to use content to build relationships with their consumers and identify opportunities to sell them products and services. For many firms, quality content is used to grease the wheel and improve sales efficiency.

Make it your own: This is one area where smaller firms don’t need to take a back seat to larger ones. Everyone can get access to good content. Distributing it and monitoring usage and engagement through a sales enablement system allows you to identify what resonates with your target audiences and what does not. This will help you improve your content and the distribution of it over time, which will improve sales results.

5. Humanizing sales

Advanced technology has dominated marketing and sales at many large firms. However, we may be at a tipping point. Meaningless content and bad product recommendations have over-saturated the market and people are looking for more thoughtful, human connections. Consider the recent move by companies like Amazon and other online retailers to open brick-and-mortar stores that allow them to serve customers in more personal ways.

Make it your own: This is an area where smaller businesses can excel. They’re far more able to leverage data from their sales enablement systems, coupled with their client relationship management software, to deliver personalized customer interactions. Simply arm your sales and customer service reps with the information and tools they need to deliver more thoughtful and personal interactions.

6. Integrated marketing

This is something larger organizations have focused on for a while. Technology has finally caught up to the vision of delivering a completely integrated marketing and sales experience.  Big companies are integrating their social media, digital properties, and apps into seamless consumer experiences that streamline selling.

Make it your own: It doesn’t take cutting-edge technology to deliver an integrated consumer experience. Simply take the time to map out your optimal end-to-end sales journey and identify the content that should be delivered at every step, both in-person and virtually. This will help your reps tell a coherent story that will resonate with consumers and compel them to buy.

7. Leveraging micro-Influencers

Micro-influencers are social media icons and bloggers that have close contact with — and a big influence on — a limited community of people. The people in these communities are more likely to trust their recommendations than those made by macro-influencers, like the Kardashians.

Advanced influencer-tracking technology continues to become more powerful, making bigger brands better able to identify and leverage micro-influencers to promote their offerings. This allows them to build credibility in smaller market segments and increase sales in them. This is another technique big businesses use to seem smaller and more accessible.

Make it your own: This is another area where smaller businesses can beat the big guys. Simply do some research online, at conferences, through social media and by talking to people in your target market. Identify influencers in your local area or industry that your buyers look up to. Contact the influencers to discuss mutually beneficial ways you can work together. You can use a sales enablement system, like the one offered by Mobile Locker, to manage your relationships with your influencers.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time for your organization to start marketing itself like big business does?

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