Sales Enablement 101: The Basics For Beginners

Sales enablement is a discipline that includes the processes, technology, content, and training that help reps sell easier, faster and better.

At its core, sales enablement seems simple.

However, for many newbies, it’s hard to understand what sales enablement actually is and how it could benefit them.

The easiest way to explain sales enablement is to break it down into its core components and go over each individually.

Then we’ll combine them back together to demonstrate the value sales enablement delivers as a whole.


Sales enablement is a formal discipline that transforms selling from random tactics performed by sales reps on a trial-and-error basis into a defined, proven and repeatable end-to-end experience that delivers reliable results that improve over time.

Your sales process will focus on the specific needs of your customer base. It provides them with exactly the information they need, conveniently packaged in a way they understand, that compels them to purchase from you rather than your competitors.

Developing and defining an end-to-end sales process and tracking its success over time may seem cumbersome, complicated, and time consuming. However, sales enablement experts, such as the pros at Mobile Locker, can get you set up quickly, easily and affordably.

Most companies find that investing time to create and nurture a sales process pays off immediately and over time in greater efficiency, less wasted effort, increased sales and improved customer retention. It’s a definite win-win.


For most industries, selling isn’t simple. It involves countless systems, tools, databases, and apps that salespeople depend on to do their jobs. Most of the technology doesn’t connect, forcing reps to log into and navigate through countless systems. It also makes it impossible for marketers and sales leaders to find the data they need to determine what’s working and what’s not.

A sales enablement system is the central lynchpin of successful sales organizations. It links together various disparate systems, providing sales reps with everything they need to sell effectively in one easy-to-access place. It also provides comprehensive, end-to-end data and information about your sales process and content that will help you improve them over time.

Not sure how to find the right sales enablement technology for your organization? Mobile Locker offers a highly scalable and customizable system that’s perfect for most small- to mid-sized businesses. A helpful representative can guide you to a cost-effective solution that’s perfect for you.


Content provided through sales enablement takes two forms: materials to support interactions with consumers and information that helps reps sell better, which will be covered in the next section.

Unlike yesterday’s buyers, today’s consumers hold all the cards. They can search the internet to find solutions to the issues they face.

That means your salespeople no longer control complete access to information about your offerings or intel about your competitors.

Sales enablement allows your reps to share exclusive, tailored content, aligned with an optimized consumer buying experience, that shifts the power back into their hands. They can provide customized buyer-focused insights that can’t be found online. They use this to build trust, credibility and authority.

Exclusive content, delivered through an optimized sales process and sales enablement system, is a great way for your sales organization to beat the Google information monopoly and top the competition.


Top-notch processes, systems, and content are only as valuable as your sales reps’ ability to leverage them. That’s where the training component of sales enablement comes in. It provides them with the information required to deliver your sales process effectively and improve their selling skills.

A solid sales training program starts day one with onboarding and continues throughout your reps’ association with your firm, helping them become more productive over time.

Most organizations find that investing in sales training pays off quickly in increased productivity — and over time in improved employee retention. These two factors taken together can have a BIG impact on your firm’s bottom line.

Selling easier, better and faster

Now it’s time to put all the pieces back together to explain the value of sales enablement.

Did you know, according to a major study, salespeople spent only a third of their time selling last year? Instead of doing valuable things, two-thirds of their time was wasted on time-consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks like finding sales materials, developing content, entering data and trying (and mostly failing) to connect with buyers.

This wastes a LOT of time that should be used to drive dollars to your firm’s bottom line. Sales enablement empowers reps, giving them easy access to the tools, systems, and information needed to focus more of their time on what they should be doing: selling and generating revenue for your firm.

Quite simply, sales enablement makes it easier for your salespeople to do their jobs.

The data supplied through sales enablement also allows reps to sell better and faster. It gives people in sales organizations access to information that will help them identify better opportunities that are more likely to convert and move them through the sales process more efficiently.

When salespeople sell more, better and at a faster speed, they generate more revenue for your company. THAT is the value sales enablement will deliver to you and your organization.

What are you waiting for? Now that you have a fundamental understanding of sales enablement, contact an expert at Mobile Locker to get answers to your questions and learn more about how it could benefit your organization.

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