A New Secret Weapon for Winning at Trade Shows

Picture it: You’re working the crowd at your company’s trade show booth.

You’re making small talk with someone you’ve never met before. Suddenly, you get a message in your ear that the person is a hot prospect. You look at your laptop or tablet and see everything you need to know about them, including:

  • Their name
  • Job title
  • Position information
  • Job responsibilities
  • Company profile
  • Education
  • Work history
  • Personal interests
  • Affiliations
  • And more.

You feel like James Bond, being fed information by a world-class team of spies.

The truth: You’re using the latest technology from Mobile Locker to get information about prospects in real-time.

Imagine having the power to be able to:

  • Ask people the right questions so you can quickly engage with them.
  • Instantly figure out whether someone is a good — or not-so-good — prospect.
  • Tailor your conversations to meet people’s needs and expectations.
  • Strike when the iron is hot and close more deals at trade shows because you don’t have to wait until you get back to work to learn about the people you meet.

All you need to do is scan attendee badges or take pictures of their business cards. As soon as you do that, our software takes over and instantly combs the universe of information and creates easy-to-read profiles of the people you meet. It’s that simple!

Simply work with your team to come up with processes and procedures to scan badges, get business cards and share the information gathered by our software.

Isn’t it time for your team to become a world-class trade show tactical squad?

Contact a friendly Mobile Locker trade show expert to find out how our new, cutting-edge and cost-effective software could transform your reps into trade show 007s.

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