YES. YES. YES. 5 + 1 Things You Can Do To Succeed at Trade Shows

In a previous article, we revealed five trade show NO NO’s — things you should NEVER do if you want to succeed.

In this article, we’ll share 5 + 1 simple and easy things you should say YES to that will help you achieve ULTIMATE trade show success.

1. Say YES to making your booth stand out.

You’ll never generate sales at trade shows if attendees can’t find you. That’s why it’s crucial for you to develop a booth that stands out.

Big-ticket companies can design large, customized booths — some are architectural wonders — that get noticed. 

Smaller businesses need to get creative to make their standard-issue booths more interesting, engaging and attractive. Some ideas:

  • Use video and sound to add motion, dynamism, and excitement to a static, one-dimensional booth.
  • Display an arresting and impactful image in a prominent location to get people to stop in their tracks.
  • Use electronic signage to deliver the latest, of-the-moment trade show information. It could turn your booth into a mini version of Times Square.
  • Do something completely unexpected, such as creatively displaying multiple variations of your product on shelves lining the booth. Or, if you offer an app or other digital service, display it on multiple screens or tablets. It’s a relatively cost-effective way to make it seem like you’re playing in the big leagues.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Get inventive!

Tip: Work with the trade show to find an ideal location for your booth. Placing it near concessions or restrooms could get your small booth as much — or more — traffic as a larger one in a less desirable place.

2. Say YES to staying active on social media.

Before, during and after trade shows, one thing is certain: Attendees will spend time on social media. 

  • Use it prior to events to build awareness and create interest in your booth and other show-related activities.
  • Leverage it during trade shows to generate buzz and drive traffic to your display and other show-related events. 
  • After shows, keep posting so your brand stays top-of-mind to support follow-up conversations.

3. Say YES to creating buzz with in-demand promotional items.

No one needs another pen, pack of post-its or stress spinner. It’s likely that trash and trinkets will get tossed in the closest garbage bin.

If you give away items at your booth, make them things people will value, such as comfortable and attractive t-shirts, speakers or power banks. If you can’t afford to give everyone a quality item, hold regular raffles or drawings at your booth. It’s a good way to attract attendees — and keep them there. People will hang around to get a great prize.

4. Say YES to games, surveys or quizzes.

If everyone else at trade shows is passing out brochures, presenting slide shows or showing videos, why not take it to the NEXT level? Don’t settle for one-dimensional when you can offer a multi-dimensional experience. It’s a better way to engage people while encouraging them to learn more about your product and service offerings. 

Depending on the experience and how it’s developed and delivered, people may be willing to share a significant amount of personal information.

If designed correctly, an experience will go viral AND provide vital information about prospects that will help drive sales.

Did you know: Mobile Locker’s software makes it easy to develop and deliver interactive booth experiences trade show attendees — and salespeople — love? Learn more.

5. Say YES to spending quality time with trade show attendees.

The most important thing you can do to succeed at trade shows is to maximize your reps’ interactions with prospective clients.

Make sure your booth is open and welcoming, with no barriers to people walking in. Keep it adequately staffed and ensure everyone working it is attentive and available (no phone calls or working on computers!).

Train your reps on how to ask probing questions and have conversations that are meaningful to prospective customers, as well as to them.

Finally, ensure you get email addresses and other contact information from booth visitors. Mobile Locker’s software is the best way to do this. Simply snap a photo of each visitor’s business card. The software will instantly save the information to a database while searching the internet for additional data about attendees. Your reps can use it to improve their conversations with booth visitors.

Learn how Mobile Locker’s one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge badge-scanning software could take your trade show marketing to the ULTIMATE level.

PLUS 1: Say YES to checking out other exhibitors.

After your booth is up and running, take time to walk around and visit the other businesses at the show. It’s a great way to learn about your competitors and pick up “best of” ideas from other participants. You may not be able to use the intel at the current trade show, but it could pay off in the future.

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