13 Questions You Must Ask to Find the Right Sales Enablement Solution

It can be challenging to find a sales enablement tech system that’s ideal for your business. Many are scaled wrong or too inflexible to meet the needs of small- to mid-sized companies.

Here are the 13 questions you should ask sales enablement tech vendors. They’ll help you feel confident you’re investing in a system that will pay off in greater efficiency and increased sales.

1. Will the solution simplify and speed the sales process?

It should make the people on your sales team more efficient and effective by:

  • Identifying gaps in the sales process 
  • Making it faster and easier to find sales collateral and customize it
  • Accessing the training needed to sell better
  • Finding the best prospects at trade shows and other events
  • And much more.

2. Can it improve onboarding for new reps?

The best sales enablement software allows salespeople to access training modules any place, any time. It also lets sales leaders monitor progress toward completion. This will help ensure everyone on your team will follow the ideal sales process, including new people.

3. Will it encourage sales and marketing to collaborate?

Think of a sales enablement system as a hub that makes it easy for marketers to develop and distribute sales content, and salespeople to use it. It’s a single place where both groups can monitor content usage, communicate about it and determine its effectiveness. It eliminates the issue of each team using its own systems and depending on different sources of data and information.

4. Can it be used on any device?

Reps often find themselves in challenging sales situations using smartphones, tablets, laptops or a combination of all three. A sales enablement solution should work equally well on all of them, with or without wifi access.

5. How will the solution help me manage and deliver content?

It should eliminate the need to store pieces in different places and distribute them through inconvenient and undependable means like email or online downloads. A good system will ensure everyone in your organization is using the right content and not outdated or non-compliant materials.

6. How will it integrate with existing sales and marketing systems?

A modern system will integrate seamlessly with everything you’re currently using. There should be no requirement to change anything.

7. Is the system scalable?

You shouldn’t be forced to pay too much for software that provides functionality you’ll never use or that could confuse the people working on your marketing and sales teams. It’s smarter to invest in one that’s right for you today and will grow with you in the future.

8. Who are your customers?

Check that many of their clients are businesses similar to yours. It’s a good indicator that the system could be right for you. While you’re at it, you should speak with some current users. It’s a good way to get a real sense of what the solution is like.

9. Is the system customizable?

No two businesses are alike. You should check that a sales enablement system can be tweaked or customized, for free or at a reasonable cost, to meet the needs of your business.

10. What can I learn from it?

Modern sales enablement technology will provide you with easy access to insights about the effectiveness of your sales process, team, and collateral. You’ll also gain invaluable information about the people in your customer base and what they respond to. 

11. How hard is it to implement?

A modern sales enablement system should be simple to install and easy for your team to learn. Implementing it should only have a positive impact on your organization.

12. What kind of support can I expect?

A good sales enablement system should be easy to install, implement and use. Still, there will be times when you and the people you work with have questions. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’ll have access to support when and how you prefer.

13. How much?

Make sure you’re only paying a reasonable per-seat price for people who will actually be using the system. Once you know the monthly or annual cost, work with vendors on a cost-benefit analysis to make sure the investment in new sales enablement technology will pay off.

Interested in checking out a sales enablement system designed for small- to mid-sized businesses? Contact a Mobile Locker representative and ask them our 13 questions.

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