Why an iPad Should Be a Sales Rep’s Best Friend

Are you making the most of your iPad or other tablet devices? If you’re like most sales professionals, the answer is probably NO.

Most salespeople are laptop and smartphone pros, but aren’t aware of the added power they can gain by maximizing the use of their tablets. It’s the TOP tool for supporting all the components of a cutting-edge sales enablement and optimization program. 

Here are seven things sales reps should be using their iPads to do that will help them attract new customers, sell more and improve the level of service delivered to clients.

1. Participating in events and trade shows

Using a laptop or smartphone at events and trade shows is so… 2012. Laptops are cumbersome and clumsy. Phone screens are too small for most people to see, much less view complex information on in busy places.

That’s why an iPad is a must-have. Use it to:

  • Customize product or service walkthroughs, sales decks or collateral on the spot
  • Deliver interactive experiences that can help you learn about attendees and their needs
  • Enhance conversations by having ready access to product and service demos as needed
  • Have greater flexibility when delivering presentations on stage or at breakout sessions
  • Scan business cards and collect other information that can help you qualify prospects in seconds.

How you use an iPad at trade shows or events is only limited by your imagination.

2. Selling out in the field

Tablets give sales reps greater freedom and flexibility to share content even in challenging environments like stores, kiosks, shopping malls, and large public gatherings.

An iPad makes it easy for field sales reps to enhance their product and service displays with flexible digital marketing collateral including images, diagrams, videos, case studies, and customer testimonials. 

Another benefit: By using a tablet, sales reps don’t need to transport, carry and display their complete line of products. Instead, they can feature the most important ones live and in-person and use the tablet to show others.

3. Personalizing content

Even if you have a limited customer base, no two buyers are alike or have identical needs.

An iPad equipped with a sales enablement app like the one offered by Mobile Locker makes it fast and easy to find the right sales content for each buyer and customize it on the fly, even without a wifi connection. It’s possible to personalize pieces and share them on the same device. Every customer interaction can be tailored to meet the needs of the buyer and address their unique circumstances.

4. Generating and following up on leads

How often do you and the other people on your sales team lose prospect contact information, forget to input it in your contact management system or neglect to document important buyer data?

An iPad, loaded with Mobile Locker’s sales enablement app, is a useful tool for capturing lead information. 

  • Our business card scanner lets reps snap pictures of cards. It automatically uploads the data on them to a readily-accessible database. In addition, it searches the internet for additional information about prospects that can be used to qualify them on the spot or customize follow-up content and inform future conversations.
  • In addition, Mobile Locker’s form builder makes it simple to develop quizzes and other engaging interactive experiences that will make prospects more likely to share personal information with reps.

Added benefit: Mobile Locker’s app allows reps to share customized follow-up content seamlessly on a timely basis. No need to waste time or effort navigating multiple systems.

5. Accessing training

Of course, getting educated on the latest sales techniques, business priorities and sales content is critical to the success of any selling program or sales enablement initiative. However, reps have limited time and availability to take advantage of training.

Delivering education modules on tablets through Mobile Locker’s app makes it more likely reps will complete them. It provides ready access to them any place, any time, even when traveling, having lunch or relaxing at home. Plus, sales leaders can monitor progress toward completion and send reminders when sales team members aren’t keeping up.

6. Accessing analytics

How often do you get into disagreements about what parts of your sales and sales enablement programs are working and which are not? If you’re like most people in sales organizations, it’s probably quite often.

It can be challenging to prove your point using data and spreadsheets on a laptop or pieced together on print outs. A tablet device makes it simple to access data in any place, any time and share it in one-and-one meetings or group discussions. 

Giving people on your team an easy way to access and share metrics will help transform your business into a data-driven organization.

7. Closing deals and onboarding clients

Once a sale is complete, it’s critical to transition prospects into clients as fast as possible. It can help prevent them from changing their minds, while also providing immediate opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell other products and services. 

An iPad makes it easy for reps to interact with buyers to get contracts, forms and other types of paperwork completed. If buyers have questions during the closing process, reps can quickly and easily access information to provide answers. 

Tip: Sales enablement software like Mobile Locker makes it easy to design and deliver an onboarding process that fully integrates with your sales flow, which can help you deliver a completely smooth and seamless client experience.

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