Bob Lempke Joins Mobile Locker as Chief Revenue Officer

At Mobile Locker, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be ushering in the new year with an exciting and vital addition to our growing team. Bob Lempke is joining the company as our new Chief Revenue Officer.

Bob will be focused on working with our current and future clients to leverage Mobile Locker’s cutting-edge sales enablement software to derive unprecedented value. He’ll be playing a pivotal role, helping us to continually improve business results and scalability. 

Bob is a dynamic sales leader that cares about the people and partners he works with. He has a long and solid track record of leading great teams while working closely with businesses to help them find solutions that make their operations more efficient and effective.

Mark Stralka, founder and CEO of Mobile Locker, is confident that Bob will be an exceptional addition to the Mobile Locker team:

“Bob is an experienced industry leader known for using his knowledge, passion, and creativity to drive business results.”

Prior to joining Mobile Locker, Bob has held senior sales and leadership positions with well-known technology firms including CA, IBM/Cognos, Hitachi and where he focused on helping sales professionals drive consistent and dependable results. He’s worked with all sizes of companies across multiple industries and verticals. 

Bob’s broad range of experience will allow him to partner with current and prospective clients to find ways to use the broad array of features offered through the Mobile Locker platform to:

  • Increase positive sales/marketing collaboration
  • increase revenue
  • develop and distribute marketing content more efficiently and effectively 
  • facilitate sales onboarding
  • track ROI and value to marketing assets
  • Deliver massive return on trade show marketing
  • and much more

Bob is thrilled to be joining the organization:

“I am looking forward to working closely with Mark and the team at Mobile Locker to help facilitate transparent, frictionless collaboration between sales and marketing which can be a monumental challenge for companies.  I am convinced there is no more powerful, scalable and customizable solution for achieving that seamless marketing and sales relationship. I am excited to join Mark as we continue to build a great company with a midwest heart and soul that places laser focus on the success of our clients, people and partners.”

You can reach Bob at, or 330-532-7642. Or you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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