9 Ways for Agencies to Earn Revenue RIGHT NOW

Is your advertising agency trying to earn more money? Of course it is!

Here are nine ways your agency can do that while attracting and keeping more clients.

1. Prove it.

How many of your clients ask you: “Is this working?”

Return on investment is as critical as creative excellence for today’s bottom-line focused marketers.

Being able to prove that marketing campaigns and materials are generating results is the only way you’ll get new work from clients. It’s also the added PLUS that will help you attract new business.

The best way to do this is to connect with your clients through Mobile Locker’s sales enablement system. Distributing content through it allows you to partner together to monitor its effectiveness. It gives you the information required to have honest and informed discussions about what’s working and what’s not. You can fix things in real-time and maximize opportunities as they arise.

The added transparency and value will make your clients trust you more and understand the value they get from working with your agency.

Taken together, it’s a sure way to get them to WANT to do more business with you.

2. Move to contract work.

Long-term contracts are more profitable than one-off projects. The members of your account and creative teams become experts on the clients they work with. This makes working with them more efficient over time, and the projects done within contracts are more profitable.

Once you build trust with clients, up-sell them into contract-based relationships. It will make a BIG difference to your bottom line.

3. Get organized.

Chaos cuts into the bottom lines of most ad agencies. It causes errors and leads to rework that can’t be billed back to clients.

Having defined processes and procedures eliminates miscommunication and mistakes. Managing your creative development process through Mobile Locker’s system will facilitate dialogue about projects, check that people edit the correct drafts, monitor that work is getting done on time and ensure approval happens when needed. Take things to the next level by leveraging Mobile Locker to share work with clients and track approval.

A small investment in Mobile Locker’s technology will go a long way toward eliminating mistakes that cost your business.

4. Pitch business in your agency’s sweet spot.

Every agency has certain types of clients that are profitable and easy to work with. Unfortunately, most have too many that don’t fit the profile.

Turn things around by developing a questionnaire that lets you learn about prospective clients before pitching their business. Use Mobile Locker’s easy-to-use app to make it fun and engaging for them to complete. Position it as a value-add that helps you develop targeted pitches and provide better service.

Don’t waste time pitching prospects that won’t generate profits. It will go a long way toward making your sales process more efficient and effective.

5. Fire current clients gone bad.

Sometimes yesterday’s golden client becomes today’s nightmare. New employees and changes in business structure or goals can turn profitable partnerships into a waste of time… or worse.

Be brave. Don’t be afraid to replace clients that no longer make sense with ones that do.

Your profitability will improve exponentially when you change out drains on your finances with dependable sources of income.

6. Create cool stuff.

Nothing sets an agency apart more than developing cutting-edge creative that gets results.

Leverage Mobile Locker’s software to build exciting interactive quizzes, games and more that will get clients buzzing. They’re a proven way to improve sales.

Added bonus: It’s fast and easy to generate awesome creative on Mobile Locker’s platform, especially when compared with other similar tools. You’ll be able to charge clients less for far superior work while pocketing more profit. 

7. Perfect your pitches.

Do you know which pieces of your agency’s marketing presentations work and which fall flat? Do your case studies close deals or doors? Does that trip through your creative portfolio turn people on or off?

Most agencies wait until the last minute to put together their sales presentations and spend little time analyzing their effectiveness. Many firms staffed with strategic marketing experts leverage little strategy and analysis when it comes to selling themselves.

Turn things around and use Mobile Locker’s app to build and monitor your sales presentations. It will help keep the process orderly and give you the data needed over time to optimize them.

8. Retain more clients.

Advertising and marketing are all about the newest and latest things. The truth: Deepening relationships with current clients is more profitable than bringing in new ones. Business development is far more expensive than providing superior ongoing service that keeps clients loyal.

Mobile Locker’s app will help you serve your clients at the ultimate level. Contact one of our marketing experts to find out how it will enhance communication, speed project development and improve the approval process.

9. Find new sources of revenue.

Ads, videos, email campaigns, collateral, and social media projects — the bread-and-butter of most agencies — are becoming less profitable every day. It’s important for them to come up with new sources of revenue to keep up.

Always be on the lookout for ways to earn higher margins while doing less work. This could include things like developing interactive experiences, offering trade show support or providing more strategic advice for your clients.

You owe it to yourself to brainstorm with a Mobile Locker marketing expert to find out how we can help you do ALL these things. The bottom line of your business will thank you.

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