Want to be a sales superstar? See how easy it can be!

Whether you’re a sales leader or rep, you’re constantly facing down daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual sales goals.

Meet or beat them and life is good. Miss them, and you could lose out on some critical commission or bonus income. Or worse: Your job could be in jeopardy.

Why limit yourself by worrying about achieving sales goals?

Think BIGGER! 

Here’s how to EXCEED them so you shift your thinking from being a worried worker to becoming a sales superstar.

How to achieve ULTIMATE sales success.

It takes three things to be a killer sales rep. If leadership provides them, and salespeople take advantage of them, they’re more likely to succeed and MORE.

  1. Knowledge. Reps must understand the business they work for, the products and services they sell and the approved sales process. This includes knowing about the brand, target audiences, and current marketing campaigns. They also need to understand how to handle every selling situation they could encounter. This gives them the confidence to sell convincingly.
  2. Tools. Salespeople must have ready access to collateral that supports every step of the sales cycle. It should be simple to customize and personalize for every meeting and customer interaction. Organizations must gather insights about their sales collateral and selling process that can help make both more effective over time. The right collateral used at the right time is often just what it takes to push prospects over the finish line.
  3. Resources. Reps must be able to find answers to frequently asked questions, diagrams, instruction manuals, contracts, virtual demonstrations, documents, pricing sheets and everything needed to close deals no matter where or when. A seamless close makes it less likely prospects will second guess their decisions to purchase and choose not to buy.

Taken together, these three things are at the core of a top-notch sales enablement program. Many people are unclear about what sales enablement is, but it’s really quite simple. It gives everyone on sales teams everything they need to be successful.

All this must be delivered through intuitive technology that integrates seamlessly with other sales systems. Knowledge, tools, and resources have to be easy for reps to find and use so they take advantage of them. 

Here’s what you need to know to build a sales enablement program that will help you and everyone on your team achieve your ultimate potential. 

Supply reps with the knowledge that matters.

Rep training must start on the day they begin work and continue for their entire career.


One of the biggest mistakes sales organizations make is pushing reps to start selling their first day on the job. They can’t be effective if they don’t have a complete understanding of the business they work for and how to sell its products and services. Mistakes could have a significant negative impact on the reputation of a company. 

When a new rep starts work, they should be enrolled in an onboarding program starting day one. The best ones include in-person and virtual training on what they need to know to sell effectively and represent the brand in its best light.

Onboarding must be efficient for both the company and the new rep. Delivering training through a sales enablement system like the one offered by Mobile Locker makes it easy for salespeople to access and complete it any place, any time. Leaders are able to track progress toward completion so they know when it’s time to allow reps to start selling.

Ongoing education and coaching

Sales training doesn’t end with onboarding. Reps need a constant supply of fresh information and insights so they can improve their skills and generate even better results over time. This could be delivered through ongoing coursework and in-person and virtual coaching. Reps need places and platforms where they can share information about best practices with each other and try out what they learn in a safe environment.

Tip: Do you want to keep reps fully engaged in their work? Would you like to prevent them from jumping ship? Offer training that prepares them to take on new responsibilities and qualify for better, more senior positions. An investment in sales engagement training could pay off many times over with a happier — and more productive — sales team.

Give salespeople the tools required to engage with buyers.

Sales enablement delivers the tools reps need to sell effectively and determines the effectiveness of the tools. This is a cyclical process that results in ongoing improvement in the tools and overall sales productivity.

A sales enablement program encourages an organization to clarify and define its sales process. Once that happens, sales collateral can be updated  — or created — that supports every step of it.

When collateral is distributed through a sales enablement system like the one offered by Mobile Locker, reps will have a clear understanding of what pieces to use when, and how. In addition, it supplies the data needed to figure out what things are working and which are not. Taken together, this will lead to improved sales results now and long into the future.

Provide reps with resources to seal more deals.

A sales enablement program helps reps make it to more finalist presentations. The last component of a world-class program is to give them what they need to close more sales. This includes resources to help them answer buyer questions and overcome objections. They should be able to access current pricing information so they can quote on the spot. 

A modern sales enablement program and system delivers closing documents and paperwork as a seamless part of the finalist sales presentation. It makes it more likely you’ll seal more deals so you can achieve stellar sales results. Signing on the virtual dotted line should feel like a natural conclusion to a sales meeting.

Remember: Sales enablement isn’t static. It’s a constantly evolving and improving process. Ultimate potential can become MORE ultimate over time if you take advantage of new learnings and best practices.

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