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Learn how our client used Mobile Locker’s game-changing trade show lead capture platform to create $125,000 in new sales opportunities from 40 prospects in 1 day. 

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At a time when vaccines are in the news for all the wrong reasons, Mobile Locker was happy to be able to help a client generate positive buzz at a vaccine conference.

Our client, a major producer of innovative scientific instruments used by cell biologists and biomedical researchers who work at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other health-related organizations. The tools characterize, select and sort cell samples without the use of antibody labels.

The firm recently participated in the World Vaccine Conference in Washington, D.C.


The reason for attending was to connect with new prospective clients and help them understand the value and benefits of their complex and difficult-to-understand offering.


The conference is a large one with more than 1,500 attendees, 500 companies and 100 exhibitors. It’s difficult to make your booth stand out from the competition. On top of this, it was difficult for our client to figure out which attendees could benefit from working with them.


As part of their effort to achieve their goal and deal with the challenge, they used an iPad with Mobile Locker’s Form Builder app to create an engaging interactive experience that included a series of questions. The questions were developed to help attendees see more clearly how they could leverage the firm’s innovative technology. The data generated from them also provided the marketing and sales teams with a clear picture of the needs of the people who visited their booth.


The data helped our client’s sales team cut through all the conference clutter and draw the prospects into their booth. After just two days, they were able to identify almost 40 top-quality prospects working for firms that could leverage the firm’s unique technology.

Our client’s marketing team found that Mobile Locker’s Form Builder made it easy to develop a questionnaire that attendees found simple to complete. They were also able to fully brand it to match their presence at the conference. Most importantly, it gave their sales reps critical information that made post-conference follow-up more efficient and effective.

In the past, they often left conferences with little or no information about the people they met.

The questionnaire eliminated that problem by giving sales reps everything they needed to tailor their conversations to the individual prospect’s needs. This made it faster and easier for them to close more deals.

To date, they’ve generated $125,000 in new sales that can be attributed to contacts made at the conference.

To date, they’ve generated $125,000 in new sales that can be attributed to contacts made at the conference.


Does your company attend conferences or have a booth trade shows to market and sell your products and services? You owe it to yourself to find out how Mobile Locker could improve your return on the investment in attending. We will help you increase brand awareness, improve sales and more. A friendly Mobile Locker expert will take time to understand your needs and identify opportunities to take your conference presence to the ULTIMATE level. Schedule a call to learn how.

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