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No Wifi Needed
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Unlimited Storage
Business Card Scanner
Real-Time Analytics

CRM Integrations
SMS & Push Notifications
Slack Integration

Outlook Integration
Gmail Integration
Digital Asset Management Integration
Group Collaboration
Presentation Builder/Assembler
Publish & Expire Content
Single Sign-On
Event Badge Scanner
Customized Branding
Customized Business Forms & Surveys
Lead Creation & Routing
VIP Meeting Scheduling
Video Transcription
Developer APIs

Common Questions

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What is Mobile Locker?

Mobile Locker is a cross-platform app that simplifies the process of managing your sales team. Through a single app, your reps can access, display, and submit content—presentations, forms, PDFs, videos, and more—both online and off. Each user can install the app on up to 2 devices (iPhones®, iPads®, Android, Macs, PCs), so they’ll always have the right stuff in the right place. Mobile Locker’s admin portal lets you easily manage user permissions, send content updates, organize content in folders, and review the performance of each piece of collateral.

How does the free trial work?

Our free trial is simple; just enter your name and email to create an account—no credit card, no obligation. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll gain immediate access to Mobile Locker for 30 days, so you can try out its features for yourself and discover how it can benefit your organization. During this period, you’ll have full access to the admin portal, where you can upload content and add up to 5 users. After days, just log in to choose a monthly or yearly plan for purchase.

Is Mobile Locker only for salespeople?

Not at all! It can be used by teams who attend trade shows, by people who administer surveys or collect other types of in-field data, or by employees who frequently travel to areas without stable internet connections. Any group that uses iPads, iPhones, Macs, or PCs on the go can benefit from Mobile Locker’s ease of use, automatic syncing, and fully featured offline capability.

Will Mobile Locker integrate with my company's CRM and other applications?

Definitely! Mobile Locker connects directly to so you can record sales activities and measure the impact of your marketing on revenue. If you use a different CRM, no problem. We can connect it with any CRM or other system because of its powerful developer API.

How do I create interactive presentations in Mobile Locker? Do you make them for us?

Mobile Locker supports a wide variety of content: PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, videos, animations, and anything in HTML. If you’ve already paid for or created content for your team, just upload the files to the admin portal to continue using them. You won’t need to change file formats or make new versions.


You also don’t have to rely on us to make or add anything for you—you’re 100% free to build your own content and to work with your own developers on your schedule. If you do need some help, though, we’re happy to do that too. Just shoot us a message with your request.

What devices does Mobile Locker work on?

Mobile Locker works on Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, and Android.

Do you need a dedicated admin to run the platform?

No at all!


Mobile Locker will actually give your admin more time to do their job. When you create-change-edit a document, Mobile Locker will automatically push the newly created version to your content users.  Typically a marketing coordinator will work with Mobile Locker’s onboarding team to setup users and we will bulk upload your files for you.


What kinds of resources do our clients typically use to support Mobile Locker?

Mobile Locker was built to be simple-to-use and even easier to manage. Our clients often assign a sales or marketing coordinator or office administrator to oversee their content management initiatives. We support your assigned lead and your entire organization with onboarding, training, and file uploads so that you can get the most out of our platform immediately after sign-up. Our product team can also work closely with your IT department to make sure that all of your resources are aligned.

Does Mobile Locker fit your normal process?



Mobile Locker was designed to make your normal process even more efficient, without disrupting your workflow. We offer seamless integration with your CRM to automatically capture your efforts in the field, without having to take notes at the end of the day. Our Outlook and Gmail plugins make dragging and dropping the right collateral into emails a breeze. And automatic updates empower your marketing team to circulate new content to your sales team at the press of a button.


How can you ensure that you are using the product properly and to its fullest potential to achieve the greatest ROI?

We know most companies have a blend of early adopters who are tech-savvy and love new technology and tech avoiders who still listen to AM Radio (wanted to see if you were actually reading this). We provide leadership with weekly metrics measuring: the team activity, client engagement, and most importantly the content the team is using the most. Bringing the actual content usage metrics together with the time we save the team on a weekly basis makes this a simple ROI maximizer.

How do our other customers measure ROI?

Our customers measure their time saved creating content, managing content, updating their CRM, increasing the productivity of their sales team, and improving their closing rates.

What is the expected ROI?

Expect a 40% reduction in marketing material publication cost, an extra 26 hours a month for each salesperson, a 30% shorter onboarding process, and a 20% reduction in the rework of content.

How is Mobile Locker going to help you build a better business?

Mobile Locker helps bridge the gap between your sales team and marketing team to ensure that your customers are being engaged successfully at every point of the customer journey. With a professional interface, interactive forms, and automatic updates, your sales team will outshine the competition in the field and at trade shows and events throughout the year. Our focus is to help you maximize your marketing efforts while increasing the efficiency and time of your sales team.

What level of support can you expect after launch?

We pride ourselves on our one-on-one, personalized customer service. We assign champions to every client to ensure that you are up and running as quickly as possible. From onboarding to continuous training, your success manager is there to maximize your experience with Mobile Locker and make sure that your team is doing the same. Your team can reach out at any time with questions through live chat on the Mobile Locker App and all new hires can signup for onboarding to help with your company’s growth plans.

Do we offer training to improve adoption or adaptability to certify product users?

Of course


Our onboarding training gives your team all the information they need to start using Mobile Locker immediately, but we don’t stop there. Ongoing advanced training is available for all users we schedule regular check-ins to see how your team is adopting our platform. With regular blogs posts and tips and tricks on sales enablement, your team will always be in the loop on how to maximize your efforts and improve adoption.


What does Mobile Locker do for its customers to make them successful?

Mobile Locker is with you every step of the way to make sure that you’re not only adopting the platform, but that you’re maximizing every feature for your business. With continuous check-ins, surveys, and outreach from your assigned customer success manager, we guarantee that you see results fast.

Who do we integrate with?

We integrate with all the major CRMs (Salesforce, Dynamics, HubSpot, Oracle, Pipedrive, and more). We also integrate with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Don’t see your CRM featured? Don’t worry – we’ll build it!

How does integration work?

It couldn’t be easier!

Integration with CRMs is plug-and-play. You don’t need to involve IT or write any code.


What is the product’s history of enhancements?

Mobile Locker was one of the first sales enablement platforms on the market and was initially built for one client. They needed a better way to manage their marketing content and they wanted to align their sales and marketing teams more effectively. Today, we have clients all over the world and in early 2017 we launched Mobile Locker for industries like manufacturing, business services, and wholesalers/distributors. In 2018 we launched  Mobile Locker Mini CRM, Training Lite, and our Form Builder tool. Our early 2019 has been a busy year for CRM integrations, our Outlook and Gmail Plugin, and ML Interactive Tradeshow Kit. We continually enhance the product and act on customer feedback quickly.  



What is your product vision or roadmap?

Our vision is to create the most effective sales enablement platform in the market. We are continuously listening to our clients and our roadmap is centered around the growing needs of today’s businesses. We are focused on building more CRM integrations, improved features requested by our clients, and multi-language enhancement.

Can you provide information and present your product in multiple languages?



We have clients using Mobile Locker in 12+ countries with 8+ languages


What do you think is unique about our company?

There are 3 things about Mobile Locker that make us unique:

  1. We’re the simple sales enablement platform on the market. We offer one all-inclusive package at one low price to provide you with an enterprise solution at the fraction of the cost. Not only that, but you can be up and running in 20 minutes!
  2. We offer one-on-one customer service like no other. With a white glove onboarding process and an assigned customer success manager, we take the time to get to know your business and how we can help you every step of the way.
  3. We are the most adjile platform out there. We pride ourselves on offering the most effective solution on the market, so if work with a CRM that we don’t current integrate with, we’ll build it – at no extra cost!



Is installation, integration, delivery, and/or maintenance included in the quoted price?

We keep it simple. No hidden fees and no setup cost. Everything is included in our All-Inclusive Plan.

There is only one way to know.

Try it.

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Bob Lempke
Partner, CRO

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