This is why marketing teams love to use MobileLocker.

Using real-time engagement data means you can adapt your marketing assets quickly to create content that’s the exact fit for your audience, driving sales and empowering your sales team.

Don’t take our word for it. Let us show you how MobileLocker can drive your marketing strategy.

Centralized assets your reps can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Custom branding allows you to present your brand exactly as it was meant to be.

Our data-driven tools drive valuable insight on content performance.

Streamlined compliance was built in from the ground up.

Trusted by leading Life Science companies around the world

Create, Share and Track Powerful Content.

MobileLocker allows you to directly monitor and analyze your content engagement metrics, gathering actionable data that helps reinforce the effectiveness of your team’s efforts and pivot when needed.

Engagement Visibility

Real-time prospect visibility for sales teams, down to a single paragraph and even a particular sentence.

All Your Assets in One Place
Your sales team will have access to all available assets in one place so they’re never stuck searching through endless folders or emails.

Content Versioning

Easily set expiration dates and distribution for all your content.

Empower Your Sales Team
Engagement data allows you to pivot quickly and create assets that your reps and their clients want.

Content Compliance

Our platform is designed with compliance in mind.

Asset Access Anytime And Anywhere
Whether your team is on a mobile device or desktop, online or offline, we have you covered.

“Mobile Locker provides transparency and visibility for our sales team when they send emails to healthcare professionals and gain insights into what resonates with customers.”

Bryan McArdleNational Sales Trainer, Scilex Pharmaceuticals

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Bob Lempke
Partner, CRO

Marketing Content Management

Manage content in one interface anywhere.

Any Device

Use any device anywhere – even if you’re offline. Our mobile app makes using MobileLocker in the field effortless.

Customized Branding Built-In
Easily upload your logo and colors to configure MobileLocker to be as unique as your products.

Deep and relevant insights into utilization and tracking makes macro and micro-level analysis of how HCPs are engaging with your content truly meaningful.

Marketing Engagement

Track, analyze, and stay-in-touch, all in one place.

Presentation of Meaningful Branded Content
Catch the attention of HCPs with personalized assets, intuitively and quickly, to provide an impactful and customized engagement experience.

Robust Real-Time Engagement Data
Track how HCPs are engaging with your assets in real time, down to the paragraph or sentence.

CRM All in One Place
Since MobileLocker integrates with the CRM you’re using already, your sales teams can engage with their prospects in one place.

Insights For Marketing Teams

Data-driven results and decisions to optimize engagement

Sales and Marketing Collaboration
Sales and marketing teams can now be instantly in sync. Sales teams will always have access to the latest and greatest assets and share how those assets are performing in real-time.

Use powerful engagement data to drive asset creation and create impactful resources your sales team needs.

Optimization of Targeting
Robust real-time engagement data allows your team to quickly assess how specific materials are performing with prospects.

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