Simple & Easy-to-use

No more complicated rollouts that last 6 to 10 weeks.

With Mobile Locker, you can be up and running in 20 minutes!​

Feature Highlights

Engage Buyers

Share content instantly with buyers and track engagement

Analyze Data

Track the success and usage of content with analytic tools

Capture Leads

Collect field notes and lead generation with personalized forms

Powered by AI

Use AI technology to recommend the right content at the right time

Track buyer engagement & present like a pro

Our modern design helps you present and share your sales material with ease 

  • Engage buyers with our professional interface that helps you stand out from the competition​
  • Email templates allow for easy and instant sharing with prospective clients in the field​
  • Receive realtime alerts when a customer interacts with your shared content

Maximize your content & sales pitch with smart data

Your dashboard allows you to track which pieces of content are being used and how often

  • See Top 10 Presentations to determine what content is being used and what collateral is being underutilized
  • Use analytics to track how your top sales people use and share their material with buyers
  • Monitor engagement and open rate to determine what content buyers are connecting with and how

Capture field notes & lead with personalized forms

Create personalized forms that can be used in the field, at trade shows, and everywhere in between

  • Gather product and service quotes and notes during meetings to document customer needs
  • Collect leads at trade shows with a sleek iPad form that links directly back to your CRM
  • Client signatures can be instantly captured with the touch of a finger and can be archived for compliance

Leverage the power of AI to optimize your collateral

Harness the intelligence of AI with content search and smart recommendations

  • Receive weekly emails with recommendations made specifically for you and your clients
  • Access the most relevant content to you through your dashboard
  • Use search tools to find what you need, when you need it

We integrate with more CRMs than anyone else in the market

Don't see your CRM? Don't worry - we'll build it!

Mobile Locker integrates with Salesforce
Mobile Locker integrates with HubSpot
Mobile Locker integrates with Pipedrive CRM
Mobile Locker integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365
Mobile Locker integrates with Synergistix CATS CRM
Mobile Locker integrates with Oracle CRM on Demand
Mobile Locker integrates with Oracle Sales Cloud
Mobile Locker integrates with Act CRM

Trade Shows & Events

Capture Leads

Use forms and surveys at interactive kiosks to capture guest information and send it directly to your home office and CRM

Scan Business Cards & QR Codes

Use our app to scan business cards or attendee badges to capture customer contact information instantly

Impress Visitors

WOW your visitors with an truly unique interactive experience

Instant Follow-Up

Send follow-up e-mails from your field team to all attendees who visit your booth to keep them excited and engaged

No Wi-Fi Needed!

No more fighting over internet connectivity. Capture forms, share presentations, and share interactive presentations without even connecting to Wi-Fi.

Customer Review

“My sales materials are useless unless I can get them to my clients sales team quickly and without technological issues. Mobile Locker handles the job so I can concentrate on the content. Highly recommend app for your sales team!”

Simon M.

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