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Most Embarrassing Sales Meeting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We’ve all been there: You’re presenting at a sales meeting and your computer can’t connect to a screen or projector. You have to explain the features of a complex product and suddenly realize you don’t have the exhibit you need. You fumble to find the paperwork required for a buyer to close a deal. Few

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What’s New in Selling? Six TOP Trends

At Mobile Locker, we stay connected with sales leaders. We find the best of the best identify trends and sales opportunities long before their peers. They spend time thinking about what’s ahead in terms of technology, demographics, product development and the demands of their customer base so they consistently stay ahead of the competition. In

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Sales Enablement 101: The Basics For Beginners

Sales enablement is a discipline that includes the processes, technology, content, and training that help reps sell easier, faster and better. At its core, sales enablement seems simple. However, for many newbies, it’s hard to understand what sales enablement actually is and how it could benefit them. The easiest way to explain sales enablement is

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Selling New Versus Upselling: Which is More Valuable?

What’s more important to the future of your business: acquiring new customers OR retaining current ones and selling them additional products and services?It’s a question every sales and marketing organization must address. In most cases, the answer they come up with is: Both. However, the best solution for most businesses is not that simple. If

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Sales Content Done Right. Finally.

For nearly a decade, most marketing and communication experts have declared content as king. This has been manifested in small ways, by companies sharing helpful information with their social media followers, and big ones, like the commitment made by Netflix to spend billions of dollars on movies and other types of video content. That’s why

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New Employee Training: The BEST Investment You’ll EVER Make

Think about it. A new salesperson starts working at your organization. How long does it take for them to become productive?Depending on the industry you work in along with the range and complexity of the products and services your business sells, it could be anywhere from several weeks to a few months. Up until then,

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How To: Get Your Real Estate Business Organized Once And For All

Have you ever REALLY thought about how challenging it is to run a real estate operation? Take a little time to do the math: Start with a network of real estate brokers and agents Couple that with countless properties including homes, condos, townhouses, lofts, apartments and businesses located in different cities, towns, school districts, and

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Sales Enablement Versus CRM: What’s the Difference… And Does it Matter?

The world of sales and marketing is evolving faster than ever before. Emerging technology makes it possible for sales teams to constantly find newer, more effective and efficient ways to engage with prospects throughout the selling process. New systems provide ready access to data, educational content and marketing materials that makes selling — and up-selling

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Are You Falling Behind? Sales Enablement Leaders and Laggards

Are you keeping up with your peers? Are you falling behind? Is there an opportunity for you to gain a competitive edge? When it comes to sales, everyone is looking for an advantage.One of the proven ways to close more — and better — deals at a faster pace is by implementing a sales enablement


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