Medical Device Companies Are All About The Tech…

So, why aren’t they maxing it out to make their businesses more successful?

Does your medical device company have a sales enablement system?

If it does, is it being leveraged to the fullest?

If you answered “no” or “aren’t sure” to either of these questions, check out the seven reasons why your organization needs a sales enablement system, along with ways you can max out your use of it.

The regulatory burden on companies in the medical device industry is extraordinary. One simple slip up is all it takes to put a business under. A sales enablement system should be your single source for developing and distributing sales collateral, education materials, and training. It helps ensure everyone interacting with medical professionals and patients has the information they need to explain products correctly, in legal and compliant ways. It also helps make certain that problematic collateral is removed from distribution immediately and the latest and best pieces are made available instantly. Reps are always able to access them any place, any time, with or without a wifi connection.

2. It facilitates today’s rapid transition from direct to digital interactions.

Medical device companies have always been hands-on, in-person operations. Salespeople, medical science liaisons, and customer service reps have always visited hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes, and clinics to meet with clients. The coronavirus pandemic has changed all that. Today, we’re living in a hands-off world. Almost all interactions have to take place in the virtual realm.

Most people right now are resistant to in-person sales calls. Medical device experts are rarely able today to coach doctors and other medical professionals in the office or operating room. A sales enablement system makes it possible to gather rep feedback on what materials they need to aid their long-distance sales and education efforts and equipment demonstrations. It helps facilitate cooperation on the development of them. It also monitors how clients are responding so sales support and training materials can be improved over time.

3. It enhances the customer experience.

A nurse may have a different experience with your products than a doctor. People working in a nursing home could discuss them in different ways than those in a clinic.

A sales enablement system makes it simple to customize presentations and other content depending on the audience. Not only does this make the sales process more meaningful and helps close more deals, but it also protects against lawsuits and other issues. People are more likely to pay attention when educational experiences are meaningful to them. This is particularly important when people are learning how to use tools that could impact the lives of others.

4. It facilitates mergers and acquisitions. 

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a great deal of merger and acquisition activity happening in the medical device industry. There’s no reason to believe it won’t start up again once things settle down. That’s because the healthcare industry will still need to move into a value-based care model. Larger, more diversified companies are able to deliver more to clients at a lower cost, in an efficient way.

While a merger or acquisition can pay off big time, getting one done is challenging. This is especially true if the businesses have multiple locations or divisions across the United States or around the world. A sales enablement platform facilitates the process of making two companies into one. It helps them standardize their workflows, sales processes, collateral, messaging, and training. Entering into a merger or acquisition with sales enablement systems helps each party have a clear picture of their assets. This makes it easier to merge them together into a coherent operation.

A small investment in sales enablement will eliminate big headaches for key stakeholders including sales, marketing, IT, compliance, training, and more while two companies merge or go through a takeover and long after.

5. It improves patient care.

It no longer works to “talk to” or “at” patients. They have to be engaged in a dialogue about their own care. When this happens, people are more likely to recover quickly and experience better long-term outcomes.

Sales enablement not only helps improve the quality of — and engagement with — business-to-business (B2B) collateral, it can do the same for material used with patients. It helps ensure that the correct pre- and post-operative instructions and information sheets are used with the right people at the ideal time. The technology that monitors engagement with B2B collateral can do the same for patient pieces, as well. It will help you improve materials over time. This will allow your organization to deliver a superior patient experience that will enhance its reputation with medical professionals.

6. It evolves with changing times and conditions.

The medical device business and sales environment is ever-changing. Companies expand, evolve their business models, and update their product offerings. Additional stakeholders are brought on all the time, along with new clients (hopefully). 

A sound sales enablement system, like the one developed by Mobile Locker, can be customized and scaled to meet the needs of virtually any medical device business now and as it evolves in the future. The ability to change quickly is a powerful advantage to have in today’s competitive environment.

7. It supports big data.

Data is central to the success of medical device businesses. It’s the only way the B2B marketing and sales processes can be successful and fully integrated into product training, customer service, and the patient experience. It provides the data needed to improve things on a consistent basis and makes working with your organization easier.

You never know where your next business challenge is going to come from: a new competitor, an unexpected innovation, or a better way of selling. No matter what, you owe it to yourself to be prepared for anything you could possibly face. Isn’t it time for you to speak with a Mobile Locker representative to find out how we can help you max out your usage of a sales enablement system so you can enjoy all its benefits?

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